Host a Farmer during ‘Carmageddon’

Host a Farmer July 15th-18th

The 53 hour closure of a 10 mile stretch of the 405 freeway beginning in the evening on July 15th and ending at 5 AM on Monday is being dubbed ‘Carmageddon.’  Images of gridlocked city streets and clouds of choking smog have already been painted by officials like Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky who warned people to “stay the hell away from the 405 corridor.” Freeway signs throughout LA have been warning drivers to expect big delays over a month in advance and Santa Monica residents are being urged to ride their bikes and ‘stay local’ that weekend.

But even with freeway closures and congestion, the show must go on. A new program was announced today, urging people to host local farmers so that they can still supply area farmers markets with food that weekend, even as travel comes to a stop. The city of Santa Monica will be allowing farmers to park their trucks all weekend in city lots and the program aims to get the farmers in before the closure and provide them with a place to stay during it.

While Santa Monica residents will be greatly impacted by the closure of the 405, they are also in a prime position to host anyone that normally commutes into the city that weekend, farmer or otherwise.

More Info Here

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