TEDxSantaMonica Mind Shift

Update 6/14/11

View Michael Weiss’ talk from TEDxSantaMonica below:

The rest of the videos from the event on June 9th can be seen on here.

An event worth sharing..

Theme: Mind Shift
Date: Thurs June 9th 2011
Time: 6pm-9pm
Venue: TAG Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue D3
Santa Monica, CA 90404-4042

TEDxSantaMonica is hosting an evening salon event to introduce people to TED, unite members of the Santa Monica community and provide a forum for discussion and to inspire local change. The evening will begin with cocktails and socializing and then will feature a combination of live speakers and TED Talks. Afterward, there will be more time for networking and discussing the evening’s events. See the full event description for information on speakers and talks shown.

Confirmed Speakers

Giuliana “G” Pe Benito
Slam Poet

Greg Dinkin
Greg is an author, poker champion, life coach and health expert. The key factor that links his many endeavors? He helps people make better decisions.

Michael Weiss
Michael Weiss’s eclectic background demonstrates how a mind shift can catapult one onto new paths. As a former middle school teacher and personal assistant to Roseanne and Tom Arnold, Michael recently just sold his award-winning web agency to start a new venture, www.figure18.com


Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome
Neil Pasricha’s blog 1000 Awesome Things savors life’s simple pleasures, from free refills to clean sheets. In this heartfelt talk from TEDxToronto, he reveals the 3 secrets (all starting with A) to leading a life that’s truly awesome.

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